Two Girls Laughing

Two girls on the steps, laughing.  Taken from the top, looking down from behind them.  They share secrets like best friends do. They have no worries.  They're having a good time.

xo  Tish Eugenio

1940 - Living In A Memory

I'm not sure how to express it exactly, but this photograph captures a sexy side, Marilyn Monroe style.  I love the photo, it grabs my attention because the model is caught in a moment when she is in her own world.  She is living in a memory.

xo  Tish Eugenio

Summer Shoot Special

I am getting a head start on Summer with a special "Friends Summer Photoshoot."

Please let your friends and family know about it.

It's a wonderful way to spend meaningful time together, laugh and play, and have something that captures your friendship, something that will last a lifetime.

xo  Tish Eugenio

Back to Back

This photo takes me back to the time when I was a kid and life was ONLY fun, really girly, girl, fun.

xo  Tish Eugenio